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A Commercial PBR in California 6

BioCentric Energy an algae company based out of technical team is working at its headquarters this week preparing and assembling all components of the commercial PBR system for the Death Valley Junction, California site.

The team is in the process of loading the 20ft trailer that recently arrived from South Carolina last Friday, with the PBR corners, plastic tubes, breathing apparatus, skid, motors and other parts necessary in completing the installation. The BioCentric Energy team anticipates that the first half of its client's one-acre system will be operational by the end of next week.

BioCentric Energy is finalizing contracts with Kuehnle AgroSystems, a Hawaiian company purchasing the Company's PBR systems for research and development of their algae strains, bio-fuels and several other applications.Kuehnle's Chairman of the Board exhibited at BioCentric Energy's open house last Saturday and took the opportunity to meet several BEHL shareholders and investors

The BioCentric Energy open house was well received by all and allowed shareholders, investors and potential clients the opportunity to meet the BEHL team, share ideas, ask questions and see the working commercial PBR systems.

The feedback was so positive that the Company is now considering holding an annual open house next year. All shareholders are encouraged to e-mail in their feedback or ideas for future shareholder events.
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  • Shankar wrote:
    Thu September 02 2010 09:39:38 PM

    Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dennis Fisher, today announced the following information: Mr. Fisher stated, "This week the BioCentric Team here in Santa Ana have assembled most of the first two quarter acre installs for Death Valley Junction and will have everything completed and delivered to DVJ by Wednesday.

    Six Team Members and myself will be executing the install under the stars to avoid the scorching desert rays ... and we have learned how to do it right the first time from the lessons learned here in Santa Ana.

    Our target date for the first half acre operational is next Friday.

    The introduction of the inoculums is scheduled for September 15th."

    "Under the supervision of Domini Maddox, our resident Algae Specialist, the full scale Photobioreactor here in Santa Ana will be sterilized this week for the introduction of Haematococcus pluvialis for our first commercialization.

    The PLC controlled PBR will enable our system to conservatively produce thirty pounds dry weight biomass a week."

    "To raise additional capital for the ongoing commercialization of our advanced closed loop Photobioreactor System we have increased our Authorized Shares to two billion to provide options.

    It is the goal of this organization to earn our way into profit; however, we have already been educated as the difference between intent and ability.

    As has always been my pledge to our shareholders and supporters of BEHL… I will not take a paycheck nor liquidate a single share from my family's trust until we become profitable, which I believe will be by second quarter 2011.

    I also wanted to make it clear that I am committed to at least the next two years devoted to my personal participation of the success in BEHL."

    Many algae to biofuel companies and algae bioreactor companies are running out of cash and our bound to go public to get capital.

    This may not augur well for the algae biofuel and algae co products industry.
    What we now need are companies with proven process to grow algae in a commercial scale and at an economical rate.

    They should have proven and scalable model. This is the crying need of the industry. If that happens then lot more private equity funding will happen in algae biofuel research and algae co products research.


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