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Join a World Class Algae Fuel Research Team 15

If you work in or dream of working in algae fuels research, this is an opportunity you just cannot miss!

Oilgae is assisting a prestigious India-headquartered company that is embarking on an ambitious project on algae to fuels. We are currently assisting them in setting up a world class scientific and engineering team.

If you are a scientist, researcher or engineer keen on working on an effort that is willing to do everything possible to make sustainable algae biofuels a reality, you should be talking to us.

The project will be predominantly based out of India, hence you should be willing to relocate and work in India.

The company is keen on having a team comprising best of breed experts to tackle all the biological and engineering challenges along the algae to fuel value chain – from strain selection to cultivation to harvesting to conversion to fuel.

Researchers and scientists specializing in one or more of the fields mentioned below are invited to get in touch with us:

  • Algal biologists
  • Botanists
  • Genetic engineers
  • Biotechnologists
  • Cellular Physiologists
  • Plant biochemists
  • Bioprocess engineer
  • System design engineers
  • Innovative chemical process engineers
  • Chemical and physical engineers

Mavericks Welcome as Well

It is well understood that algae to fuel is a highly challenging domain; thus, the company is also keen on having a few “maverick” scientists in their team who could bring forth unexpected concepts and solutions. In this context, we are willing to interact with folks (especially, but not necessarily, scientists) outside of the above-mentioned spectrum and passionate about biofuels research.

If you are keen on working for a team and for an effort that keep you awake at night wondering about possibilities, and would like to work with people who are the best in what they do, you should be talking to us!

Interested? Send a note to Sumukhi Sreevatsan - s.sreevatsan@oilgae.com

Fri January 07 2011 04:14:57 AM by Sumukhi algae fuel research 3291 views

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  • Vivek wrote:
    Fri January 07 2011 04:31:31 AM

    Really Sumukhi,

         The best thing of all.We can imagine if all great minds will work together on Algae Biofuel,then I say that we will surely succeed...

       I appreciate ....

      And assure that My institute,Albert Einstein Science Institute of Both Countries India And Germany is With you....

       Wish You All the Best



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