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Meeting Biofuel Scientists at the National Biofuel Board Conference and Expo 3

Joanna Schroeder had the opportunity to hang out with some “Next Generation for Biofuels"There were 10 in attendance at this year’s conference and each had his own story on how he got into the biofuel sector. The 10 next gen biodiesel scientists met with various biodiesel mentors during a luncheon where students and professionals alike shared their ideas and visions for the future of biodiesel.
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Mon February 14 2011 07:13:18 AM by Srividhya NBB conference  |  biofuel scientists 3436 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Tue February 15 2011 02:24:46 AM

    Nice one.

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  • Thu February 24 2011 12:08:15 AM

    @ Srividya

    Nice post.

    It will help if you make the url clickable. Either u or the administrators.

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  • Vivek wrote:
    Wed March 02 2011 03:54:47 AM

    Hello Srividya,

        Very nice post,

    Would like to have techinical details of the Conference..


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