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rules for biofuel gene expression level-my project 4

i have given some rules by mining some features of fatty acid genes in cyanobacteria like length,GC content which defines the expression level i.e. amount of fatty acid in dry weight of these microalgae. These rules could be helpful for the future predictions or in wet lab research.I want to know the comments on this work...please let me know

Thu April 29 2010 11:02:41 AM by Shilpa 1238 views

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  • Mdoori wrote:
    Sun May 02 2010 08:36:41 AM

    Your work is pretty important and I'm very much interested to contact you for further discussion.I do highly appreciate giving some details on personal level at least,,,THANK YOU

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  • Shilpa wrote:
    Sun May 02 2010 04:09:42 PM

    To Mdoori
    thanx for your appreciation and
    About the work: We have categorised cyanobacteria on the basis of the relative biomolecule amount in their dry weight given by Becker in 1994.Then prepared a data set for the genes (responsible for fatty acid synthesis,metabolism and transport) of cyanobacteria as they are expected to be responsible for the level of expression.This data set have attributes like number of base pairs in genes,Molecular weight,GC content, number of each amino acids.Then we mined these 2 categories to give decision trees. Then some rules from the trees.

    According to us these rules can be helpful for future categorisation and in wet lab work also.

    If I can provide you with additional information please let me know.


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  • Algaegeek wrote:
    Wed May 05 2010 04:33:27 PM

    Shilpa, I am also very interested in your current research. Hope you get some great results from it!

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  • Kumar wrote:
    Sun May 09 2010 04:33:12 PM

    Nice start...

    I have done DNA & Genome based analysis of 3 algae.
    I am trying to do some important changes in the algae:

    1. More lipid storage
    2. High immunity power
    3. Nutrition needed

    My email id: kumar@istudiotech.com

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