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Engine which can predict that, cyanobacteria will produce high amount of lipid content or

I have devised a engine/program which can predict that a cyanobacteria will produce higher amount of fatty acid or not by judging some of the features of genes like GC content, length, number of amino acids etc.

Hope it will be helpful for further research.
Tue May 25 2010 08:47:46 AM by Shilpa 2

rules for biofuel gene expression level-my project

i have given some rules by mining some features of fatty acid genes in cyanobacteria like length,GC content which defines the expression level i.e. amount of fatty acid in dry weight of these microalgae. These rules could be helpful for the future predictions or in wet lab research.I want to know the comments on this work...please let me know

Thu April 29 2010 11:02:41 AM by Shilpa 4