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Is Direct Extraction of Wet -Algae Possible? 32

I  was reading the Oilgae newsletter and realized  that the drying costs is $500 / ton of algae biomass. So many companies and individuals have come up the idea of avoiding the drying and dewatering step.

But I am still wondering how its possible to subject such a wet biomass, (presuming that the algae slurry will have atleast 80% water) to a solvent extraction unit. Will the solvent be able to percolate to all the cells and extract maximum oil.

Can any of you the club give me links to the research studies in this area. Your help is appreciated. Thank you

Mon December 20 2010 03:07:52 AM by Sabna algae  |  wet-extraction  |  drying  |  downstream processes 2694 views

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