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Algae Biodiesel project 3

I would like to contact an expert because i am doing a project on algae in the production of biofuel. I'm a high   school student and if you are willing to answer a few questions please email me at roxter1596@yahoo.com.
you have to be qualified in the field of algae or plants.
Thu October 28 2010 02:27:32 AM by Roxter1596 1131 views

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  • Sat October 30 2010 12:38:26 PM


    Asit has been said in the past to other students, you need to read up a lot first.

    After so doing, you may still have doubts and at that time you can post your doubts and there are enough and more experts who can guide you, i guess freely. ( Hope I am not infringing into someoneelses business)

    So feel free to post your doubts after you do the necessary reading mate.

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  • Roxter1596 wrote:
    Tue November 23 2010 04:14:51 AM

    I have been reading up on the algae biofuel debate that has been going on so far I just want to get a professionals opinion on things that are more to the point then what ive been reading.


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  • Roxter1596 wrote:
    Tue November 23 2010 04:16:53 AM

    and first i must get peoples names for bibliography purposes, i can't just get some willy nilly person who thinks they know about algae when they don't have the credentials to back up there claim.

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