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Photobioreactors 5

Does someone have any concrete info about photobioreactors? I try to investigate working pricinple of photobioreactors (conversion-efficiency-production) and I need to find out more.
Mon June 21 2010 07:42:47 AM by Rock 1926 views

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  • Tue June 22 2010 09:27:32 PM

    A photobioreactor is a closed equipment which provides a controlled environment and enables high productivity of algae. As it is a closed system, all growth requirements of algae are introduced into the system and controlled according to the requirements. PBRs facilitate better control of culture environment such as carbon dioxide supply, water supply, optimal temperature, efficient exposure to light, culture density, pH levels, gas supply rate, mixing

    regime, etc.,

    Refer http://www.oilgae.com/algae/cult/pbr/pbr.html

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  • Dipalgae wrote:
    Wed June 23 2010 07:39:33 AM

    Can anybody tell cost of PBR in india.

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