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Polar Algae Forests Explored - 11 years ago

The cold waters near Antarctica are filled with lush forests of 4 main species of large algae plants, or seaweeds. Researchers are comparing their pervasiveness to giant kelp forests of the ...- more

Canadian Cement Plant Becomes First to Capture CO2 in Algae - 11 years ago

A Canadian company called Pond Biofuels is capturing CO2 emissions from a cement plant in algae ? algae the company ultimately plans on using to make biofuel. It?s no secret that ...- more

Algae's solar electrons hijacked to steal power - 11 years ago

An international gang of biologists has carried out an audacious heist, stealing valuable electrons from photosynthesising algae. The power grab could open a route to more efficient exploitation of photosynthesis to ...- more

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