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Oil from algae 5

Hello friends i am rajeesh. want to pursue Phd by doing research in the filed of algae. i need some samples of oil from algae. where can i get this? what will be the cost of it for a liter?
Wed July 28 2010 06:46:14 AM by Rajeesh 1243 views

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  • Sumukhi wrote:
    Fri July 30 2010 10:55:00 AM

    Hi ya.. I am not sure, if companies are selling algae oil. However, we are in touch with a few scientists who are producing algae oil in a lab-scale. Will get in touch with them soon and let you know if it can be arranged.

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  • Aathmika wrote:
    Fri July 30 2010 12:06:06 PM

    Way to go Sumukhi.
    Inform us all the source in India, type of algae and the cost and minimum quantity etc.,
    many colleges might be interested.

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  • Sumukhi wrote:
    Sat August 07 2010 04:51:33 PM


    Please provide me with ur email address, I shall give you the details from where you might be able to get some oil

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  • Mon August 16 2010 10:50:15 AM

    i want to know the simple lipid content in algae oil and what are all the other mixture components present in algae oil could you plz tel me

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