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Key Players in Aviation Fuel from Algae 5

List of companies and Universities working on algae jet fuel:


1. Solazyme
2. Honeywell UOP
3. Solena
4. Sapphire Energy
5. Imperium Renewables
6. Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation


1. Arizona state university
2. Cranfield University

Supporting Airline Industries

1. Boeing
2. Honeywell/UOP
3. Air New Zealand (ANZ)
4. Continental Airlines (CAL)
5. Japan Airlines (JAL)

Are there any other companies or universities? Please update ...
Mon October 04 2010 01:15:12 PM by Parkavi 2238 views

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  • Pitts wrote:
    Wed October 06 2010 12:14:50 AM

    Can someone complete this. OR atleast those who know more add to this list.
    Am sure there are more companies and more universitites and labs working on this.

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