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High Value Algae Products Along with Biodiesel Production 4

Hello all,

I am working on identifying research needs in biodiesel to start my PhD work. I was thinking of doing it in production of high value co products from algae along with biodiesel. As I dont want to restrict myself to just algae biodiesel.. I want to suggest algae based high value product production for biodiesel manufactures.. be it palm, soy, coconut..and so on.

This would be done by using glycerin, the byproduct in biodiesel production, as a carbon source for growing algae heterotropically.

I want your suggestions and inputs to finalize my research topic.

Thanks in advance..

Sat September 18 2010 03:40:26 AM by Parkavi 2639 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sat September 18 2010 04:35:54 AM

    You might want to interact with the Oilgae team at Chennai as they are working on something similar for a possible white paper presentation. That would be Mathu ( http://www.oilgae.com/club/users/mathumitha ) and Sumukhi ( http://www.oilgae.com/club/users/sumukhi ).

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  • Krupali wrote:
    Sat September 18 2010 07:49:46 AM

    Best of luck Parkavi !

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  • Eugenia wrote:
    Sat September 18 2010 09:37:28 PM

    Is the method of making biodiesel from soy, palm etc energy efficient ?
    Using soy, palm etc definitely restarts the food vs fuel debate.
    It makes a lot of sense to look at making high value products while making biodiesel.

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Sun September 19 2010 05:12:09 AM

    @ Eugenia:
    You are absolutely right! Use of crops like soy, palm has the food versus fuel problem. But especially in eastern countries - for eg; malaysia, the cultivation of palm is very common. In phillipines they have coco biodiesel. It is common in those countries which produce excess of oil crops. In malaysia, only 3% of total palm production is used as fuel. At this stage, I dont think there are some major issues with using palm biodiesel.

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