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Nalco's thermal power plant in Orissa 26

The green slimy algae can play a major role in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cleaning industry-polluted air. The Orissa government is launching a project to capture carbon dioxide using algae, the first such venture in India, with the rising number of industries in the state.

The Rs.95-lakh/Rs 9.5 million project will be started this month on a pilot basis at public sector undertaking Nalco's (National Aluminum Company) thermal power plant at Angul in Orissa.

As per the project, algae will be grown in shallow ponds and carbon dioxide produced from the thermal power plant will be tapped and introduced in the pond. Being soluble in water, carbon dioxide will get absorbed in it. Carbon dioxide and water are the basic requirements for algae growth and this in turn will release oxygen as a by-product.

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Thu September 09 2010 02:45:30 AM by Parkavi 2440 views
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