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Oil Giants and Algae Fuels 1

Top oil companies are keen on supporting the efforts on commercializing algae fuels in a big way. Investments and partnerships established by these oil companies are playing a significant role in accelerating this industry forward.

Some of the most prominent oil giants and their partnerships include:

1. PetroAlgae with Indian Oil
2. Martek with BP
3. Synthetic Genomics with ExxonMobil
4. Solazyme with Chevron
5. HR Bio petroleum with Shell

These partnerships not only explores algae as a source of biofuel but also as a biological carbon capture agent.
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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 25 2010 03:57:04 AM

    Oil companies have a lot of money. The way forward looks brighter and brigher with oil prices expected to go up to $ 100 a barrel in the next few months.
    By 2015 it is forecast that there will be a shortage with demand being more than supply.

    So, these rich oil companies fund various processes for alternative energy like, CCS, algae to oil, etc.,
    They focus more on oil than technologies like solar energy. They want to be able to use their refineries and other infra. That is the idea.

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