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Heating the Raceway Pond for Algae Cultivation 55

Power plants has waste heat. This waste heat can be potentially tapped in two ways in cultivating algae next to power plants.

1. Heating the pond during cold climatic conditions
2. Drying the algae

The later is clear. You use the waste heat to reduce the moisture content of algae harvested. In the former statement, I read in few patents that heating help in making the algae photosynthesize faster.

Has anybody tried to use heated raceway ponds so far?Does heating algae ponds really helps in growing algae faster? If yes to what extent the pond should be heated. Will heated raceways prevent contamination?
Tue May 18 2010 01:23:47 AM by Parkavi 2618 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 07:03:51 AM

    This could be true for cement plants as well, cos the CO2 generated itself will be pretty hot.

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 10:10:39 AM

    The basic fundamentals of algae growth is, 35-37degree temperature will keep the maximum growth rate .... But this temp will be available only for some 4-5hrs a day, although light is there for some 10-12 hrs.... So, any flue gases which can help in maintaining this temp, will surely increase the growth... and adding CO2 to media i.e water helps ALGAL GROWTH... But so far I haven't come across any examples of this model being used either in labs or in industries...

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Thu May 20 2010 03:01:33 AM

    @ Mahesh:

    Can u give me approximate numbers for the increase in productivity if i maintain the temperature between 35 and 37 throughout the day. say, chlorella doubles every 6 hrs and productivity is "x", if I maintain the temperature @ 35C can it be "1.5x".

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Tue May 25 2010 08:55:35 AM

    Sorry, I don't know the exact values like that.... When i was working in CFTRI on spirulina, we had discussed about trying this model in our lab for 3 different species of algae... But since i was there on my dissertation work for just 3 months, i couldn't do much experimentation with my idea's other than my project work....

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