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Theoritical Maximum of Algal Oil Production 59

According to a paper published by researchers from Solix Biofuels, Colorado State University, National Bioenergy Center , the theoretical limit for the production was found to be 38,000 gal per acre per year (354,000 L ha-1 yr-1) of unrefined oil, while limits for the practical cases was about 4,900 to 6,500 gal ac-1 yr-1 (46,300-60,500 L ha-1 yr-1) of unrefined oil.


Biomass accumulation efficiency - Theoretical - 100% & Practical - 60%

Energy content - 21.9KJ/g

Oil content - 50 % dry cell weight

Density of algal oil - 910 ? 925 kg /m3

Maximum daily growth - Theoretical - 196 g/m2/day & Practical - 38-47 g/m2/day

As this paper compares the theoretical and practical yields, it clearly highlights the factors which affect the oil production in practical. The factors include:

Available solar energy
Photon transmission efficiency
Photon utilization efficiency and
Biomass accumulation efficiency

The success of algal production system thus depends on optimization of the cultivation system specifically on these factors.
Thu April 22 2010 03:36:24 AM by Parkavi 2179 views

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  • Thu April 22 2010 07:17:37 AM

    Sorry, this amounts per acre or hectar are harvest every year or how often? thank you...Miguel from Mexico

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sat May 01 2010 08:37:43 AM

    Even if they can achieve half the practical limit (7500 gallons per hectare per year), it will be very good

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