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Macroalgae to Fuels 34

Algae, a third generation biofuel feedstock, present one of the most attractive renewable fuel opportunities. Algae?s potential arises from their high biomass yields, ability to grow in a range of environments, and their effectiveness as a bioremediation agent for CO2 sequestration and waste water treatment. Studies suggest that algae are the only bio-feedstock that has the potential to completely replace world?s fossil transportation fuels. Consequently, there is a growing interest in using algae as a source of fuel.

Obtaining biodiesel from microalgae is the most commonly used route to produce fuel from algae. However, it has not yet been shown on a large scale that harvested microalgae can be economically and reliably transformed into fuel. The main reasons that currently inhibit sustainable, large-scale biofuel production from microalgae are the high costs of cultivation and harvesting. Using macroalgae as a feedstock, and using thermochemical processes to obtain liquid fuels could overcome the problems present in the microalgae-to-biodiesel process, thereby providing us with a highly scalable system of biofuel production at competitive costs.

Macroalgae are commonly known as seaweeds. The advantage with macroalgae is that they can be harvested easily unlike microalgae. There is no need for expensive cultivation systems as they can be easily grown in ocean environment.

These advantages make macroalgae an important feedstock for fuel in the near term.
Fri April 16 2010 03:14:30 AM by Parkavi Macroalgae 2344 views

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  • Tue April 20 2010 07:26:21 AM

    I have a super-high yeild, cheap solution to both your cultivation and harvesting problems - have you a large-scale microalgae-to-biodiesel process solution for me, or are you anywhere close? Please contact me if interested in JV -

    Hugh O'Connor (Swimtwobirds on oilgae, and most other places)

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