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Algae breif feasibility study

This week was quite cognitiv for all our creative group.
We were all trying to answer the question - how alagae can be cost effective (even in case of 100% solar energy convertion for middle latitudes). Energy biomasss - no doubt it's technology of future but nowadays we are not so limited in energy resources.
Energy algae will be cost effecive in case when the price of fuel will include not only cost of oil production and transportation but also potential greenhouse pollution.
Till that time we should find another aplication for algae.
Biodiesel also dead- end branch of alternative fuels evolution.
Two realy cost effective ways of application - use for waste water treatment and obtaining of valuable components which are secondary metabolites of algae.
What about waste water treatment we found it cost effective even for low rates of insolation. Such strains as chlorella and botryococcus as we found can grow very well of animal litter sterilized extracts and biogas digestion resude (this substrates contain enough of biogenic for algae growth). Bectreial treatment can provide the degradation of organics to inorganic complexes for algae thus we can provide full water purification via algae complexes.
Thu July 29 2010 04:26:37 PM by Onish 7