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Astaxanthin.company - all about astaxanthin from Link - 7 years ago

Spiruluna.company - all about spirulina from Link - 7 years ago

Chlorella.company - all about Chlorella from Link - 7 years ago

Omega3.company - all about Omega 3 from Link - 7 years ago

Wonder what is the latest timeline that is suggested by experts for algae fuel commercialization...I recently read that Synthetic Genomics suggest that it could be beyond 2025, perhaps even 2030 when we can realistically expert algal fuel to be in the market - 8 years ago

Marine phytoplankton and why it is really a great health food - Link - 10 years ago

An exciting article on how an accidental discovery could help algae fuel efforts - Link - 10 years ago

Oilgae will be present at the 3rd Algae World Asia Conference at Singapore (19-20 Oct). Two of my collleagues Mathumitha and Sumukhi will be at the conference. Those of you who wish to network with them, here are their coordinates - Link and Link - 11 years ago

Puerto Rico testing tiny algae as energy source - Link - 11 years ago

Why Algae-Fuel Firms Are Now Targeting the U.S. Navy, Drugs and Food - Link - 11 years ago

Algae Growth Can Be Accelerated with Light - Researchers at Syracuse University in a new research show that promoting acceleration of algae growth is possible thru use of photons - Link - 11 years ago

American scientist finds new green uses for algae - Microbiologist finds new uses for algae %u2013 as water purifier and organic fertilizer - Link - 11 years ago

Economics of microalgae production and processing into biofuels - Link - 11 years ago

Influence of the Drying Conditions of Sargassum sp. Alga on the Bioadsorption of Hexavalent Chromium - Link - 11 years ago

Algal Biorefinery Concepts - a good presentation from Fraunhofer - Link - 11 years ago

The link for the earlier PPT wasn't correct...here's the right one - Link - 11 years ago

Nice PPT on algae bioremediation of rivers with fertilizer runoffs - Link for Wastewater Treatment - Powerpoint.ppt - 11 years ago

Production of Algae in Conjunction with Wastewater Treatment - a nice white paper - Link - 11 years ago

I had an interesting thought from one of our newsletter readers on harvesting: "Could a belt filter press be used to filter large amounts of algae like the the units that are used in waste water treatment plants? A small amount of polymer may be needed to coagulate the slurry." Hmmm..a combo... - 11 years ago

Nice and detailed article on macroalgae based biofuels. OK, we have covered this much earlier at Oilgae, and we even have a special report made, but this is a useful article too - Link - 11 years ago

Toyota will team up with Chuo University and Japan%u2019s Agriculture Ministry to begin a research project with the aim to produce biofuel from the algae Pseudochoricystis - Link - 11 years ago

BioCentric to deploy five algae photobioreactor units in client trial - Link - 11 years ago

Company Uses Cement Plant%u2019s CO2 Emissions to Create Algae-based Biofuel - Pond Biofuels, a three-year-old start-up, hopes to capture a cement plant%u2019s carbon emissions in algae (Ontario's St Marys Cement Plant), and then to biofuels - Link - 11 years ago

Stanford Scientists Harvest Electricity From Algae - Scientists at Stanford have discovered the harvesting electricity from plants! They%u2019ve collected energy from photosynthetic processes in algae by tapping straight into currents of electrons generated at cellular level - Link - 11 years ago

Algae biofuel could launch new coastal industry - Researchers from the University of Southampton have been selected by the Carbon Trust to join a %u2018UK dream team%u2019 of top scientists to find world beating formula for algae biofuel. Link - 11 years ago

RIL considering feasibility study on algae-derived biofuel - %u201CAlgae seems to be the most promising feed stock. Microalgae are uncellular biofactories that can provide oil from sunlight and carbon dioxide,%u201D M. Ganapati, President, Corporate Planning, Reliance Technology Group - Link - 11 years ago

I did a bit of digging on sugarcane yields...appears that estimates vary from 30 T / acre per year to 100 T per acre per year. That would be 75 T - 250 T per hectare per year. That's an enormous amount of biomass, actually more that what algae gives today! - 11 years ago

Oilgae will be releasing a free report on Macroalgae to Fuels...those who are interested in obtaining a free copy, please send a note to me through the private message with your name and email. Thanks! - 11 years ago

A gentleman I met at Singapore said that sugarcane gives better yield than algae - he says about 100 T of biomass per ha per year...will be good to know more about sugarcane BM yields... - 11 years ago

What's the latest on algae based wastewater treatment? Jus curious - 11 years ago

wow. this "write what you think" is a cool thing. I can now post lots of small "oilgae" tidbits - 11 years ago