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Photo-Bioreactor for Algae & Aquaculture Using Recycled Bottles Posted by Narsi on Sun April 04 2010 06:37:37 AM 30

This instructable will show you how to construct and maintain a basic bioreactor that can be used to grow all sorts of cool things like algae, brine shrimp, or SeaMonkeys! The Bioreactor also makes an interesting conversation piece to show off to your friends, as well as utilizing discarded plastic bottles.


Very nice!

Key Cost Components of Algae PBR Posted by Narsi on Thu March 25 2010 08:38:28 AM 18

I was discussing with my colleague on the cost reduction strategies in PBRs.

Our discussion turned to the key components that are significant contributors to cost:
1. Materials
2. Aeration
3. Lighting

I have requested my colleague to read up on the latest efforts in these specific topics. I hope to share the data from these with our newsletter readers.