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Exploring Opportunities with Indian Industry Posted by Narsi on Wed February 17 2010 01:27:17 AM

At Oilgae, we are keen to partner with Indian businesses/companies interested in exploring algae fuels. Oilgae brings its significant amount of process and industry knowledge and we are looking for industry partners who can bring the infrastructure and financial support for the project.

Those companies / businesses that are interested could drop in a note to me (Narasimhan Santhanam) @ narsi@clixoo.com


Exxon Mobil to Invest in Oilgae Posted by Narsi on Sun February 14 2010 02:06:17 AM 1

This happened a few months back, so it's flashback time, folks!

Such a startling title "Exxon Mobil to Invest in Oilgae" in the online edition of Energy Business Daily ( see link - http://bit.ly/LrMgG ) made many of friends and relative scramble and call me up. I must have taken on the aura of a celebrity in their minds.

I put them at ease within a couple of minutes. Exxon had not invested in my company - sad! - but they had invested in algae fuels in general, which many people had started calling Oilgae.

Am not sure whether I should feel disappointed or proud :-)