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Michigan Researchers Turn Wet Algae into Biodiesel Posted by Narsi on Sat September 04 2010 05:00:38 AM

This has been something we have been researching at Oilgae as well - doing away with the drying part for WAB (wet algae biomass)...listen to this:

"University of Michigan scientists have published a paper on a two-step hydrolysis-solvolysis process that eliminates costly biomass drying, organic solvent extraction and catalysts:

In the first step, wet algal biomass contained 80 percent moisture and was reacted with subcritical water to hydrolyze intracellular lipids, conglomerate cells into an easily filterable solid that retained the lipids and produced a sterile, nutrient-rich aqueous phase. In the second step, the wet, fatty acid-rich solids underwent supercritical transesterification with ethanol to produce fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs). The team used Chlorella vulgaris algae, which contained 53.3 percent lipid content."
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Reckon this is still at the research stages...I am very keen on following developments in the wet extracton stuff...it has the potential to cut off one huge cost component - drying...

If any of you know any other resources / ideas / concepts in this regard, will be pleased to hear from you...