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All News about Algae is about Menace 1

Just thought it'd be a good idea to see what news comes on top when I type in the key word "Algae" in Google News search. Funny, almost all the top 20 news items (and possibly more as well, did not have the patience to check!) were about harmful algae choking rivers, damaging the ecosystem and poisonous algae even harming humans...see for yourself here - Google News Search for Algae .

Rather than being concerned, I am wondering, is there a positive in this? If there is so much algae that people are worried about, isn't just a question of removing them at low cost, and these "harmful algae blooms" suddenly change into useful algal biomass. Ok, we might not be able to get oil out of it, but biomass in any form is useful as well - for animal feed, as fertilizer and as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol or thermochemical-process based hydrocarbon production

What are your thoughts on this?
Sun September 05 2010 04:13:19 PM by Narsi harmful algae  |  algal blooms 2008 views

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Sun September 05 2010 04:51:28 PM

    Basicly what I have been saying all along. Use algae where it occures or where you get paid for removing it. The use of algae to clean waters. Algae becomes a by product. Then it can be used in research without paying for it.The system for growing the algae will come with the research. Laqrge research dollars would no longer be needed.

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