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Seaweed extract to cure pimples 13

Seaweed extract can kill pimples - An active ingredient from a brown seaweed, off the coast of Brittany, may help kill pimples and oily skin. Hoisted up from the seabed and converted into an extract for acne treatment, it goes on sale across Britain.


While the algae fuel researchers are waiting for the breakthrough, perhaps they can try these kinds of avenues to keep the revenues and motivation high
Sun September 05 2010 04:04:37 PM by Narsi algae medicine  |  cosmetics from algae  |  seaweed 2279 views

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  • Oceanfront wrote:
    Sun September 12 2010 11:12:11 PM

    It's true. But I'll caution that those not previously involved heavily in the cosmetic / personal care industry would have much boning up to do if their attitude was one of "How hard can it be?" or "This is a side money maker until our real business pans out...".

    A person with sustained interest (passion) could certainly make it.

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