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?Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we?ve been ignorant of their value,? said R. Buckmeister Fuller.

It is with this thought that the Mid-South Chapter of the National Algae Association hosts its spring workshop in Huntsville, AL on March 26 with a powerful lineup of speakers who are actively working to harvest wastewater nutrients through algal bioremediation and subsequent biomass production.

The one day event includes presentations by Barry Cohen, director of the NAA, Mark Zivojnovich of Hydromentia, Dr. Aron Stubbins of the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium, and Dr. Kimberly Jones, CEO of Alganomics, LLC.

Other speakers include Chuck Pardue of Algae Bioenergy Solutions, Lucas McConnell of Renergy Corp., Bob Vitale from WaterWheel Factory, and Victoria Kurtz of Fluid Imaging Technologies.

?Successful companies and technologies will be those that offer the lowest cost nitrogen and phosphorus control for both point source and nonpoint source wastewaters. In our opinion, nonpoint source nutrient pollution offers both the greatest challenge and opportunity for large scale algae based fuel production," says Mark Zivojnovich, Vice President of Hydromentia, Inc. Zivojnovich's presentation is entitled, "Point and Nonpoint Source Nitrogen and Phosphorus Control and Biomass Production at Commercial Scale using the Algal Turf Scrubber?."

Aron Stubbins, Assistant Director of the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consorium states, ?Fuel supplies are dwindling and prices rising, while wastewater cleanup becomes ever more expensive. The reapplication of wastewater as a food source for algae grown to produce fuel has the potential to revolutionize how we deal with waste streams and who we depend upon for fuel." Stubbins will present on the topic of ?Algal growth for wastewater remediation and fuel production - VCERC activities.?

Michael Baran, workshop speaker, is a government contractor engineer in Huntsville and has taken a personal interest in the use of algae for various purposes. He observes, ?One of the things I"ve learned about the challenges of using algae as an alternative source of transportation fuels is determining just what business you are really going to be in. Is it wastewater remediation? In that case, the biomass is to be used for what purpose? And note that the algal oil is simply a byproduct..."

He continues, "Or, are you in an agricultural or other commodity business based on the biomass, again with algal oil as a byproduct? ... Or, are you producing algal oil as the primary product, and in that case, what do you do with the leftovers? Each of these three approaches poses a set of common challenges. I will briefly address these challenges, pointing out the commonalities and the differences that arise as one considers various alternative locations and business models."

Dr. Kimberly Jones, CEO of Alganomics, LLC , with over fifteen years experience in phycology research, is also a chemistry professor and Faculty Senate President at Brunswick Community College NC. She will speak on the subject of "Phycoremediation: Balancing Chemical Budgets."

Jones comments, ?"Alganomics is greatly anticipating the forum provided by the National Algae Association, by which the topic of wastewater and algae biomass is a focus in such a collaborative atmosphere. The NAA always fosters great networking opportunities."

The National Algae Association (NationalAlgaeAssociation.com) is the first national trade association for the algae industry in the United States. The NAA brings algae researchers and companies together to share ideas and exchange information to overcome technological hurdles.

All are invited to attend this landmark event. "Algae: Mining Wastewater for Nutrients, Fuel, and Fertilizer" workshop:

When: March 26, 2010 8:30am to 5:00pm

Where: Holiday Inn, Research Park, 5903 University Dr. NW Huntsville, Alabama

Pre-workshop dinner: Thursday, March 25 7:00pm Romano?s Macaroni Grill 5901 University Dr. NW Huntsville, AL
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