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Algae Fuel Enthusiast from Toronto Ontario 2

I am looking for some one from Toronto Ontario who are currently researching Algae Oil or interested in patnering up inorder to produce cost effective algae oil to be used as energy source.

If you are out there please respond this post.



Fri July 01 2011 05:09:45 AM by Mpanchar 1970 views

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  • Biodoc wrote:
    Wed July 06 2011 08:22:23 PM

    Yes Sir,   I am from Toronto, Ont. Canada. I am a Prof. in Biochemistry, Immunology and Nutrition, in St. Louis, MO, USA.  I am getting involved in Oilgae projects in Canada, India and Sri Lanka. may be in Africa also .  So let me know how I can help??  my email:  biodoc65@gmail.com.  cel: 314-378-1537.  lets talk!   take care.  Nihal

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