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Investment in Algae production and biofuel 3

I've been following the algae biodiesel issue for some time. Portugal has around 3.300 sun hours per year, which I think is a lot and could allow the cultivation of algae and the production of biodiesel.

Anyone can help me in drafting a bussiness plan? I would need to know the set up costs for the algae cultivation (for what I've read I assume the photobioreactor would be the best alternative) the production yield, and the annual operating cost (personnel, nutrients, energy consumption etc).

Concerning the production of the Biodiesel if anyone could give me some figures for it

Fri July 09 2010 11:28:59 AM by Mdelgado 1356 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri July 09 2010 09:42:12 PM

    Hi Mdelgado !
    I am from India and we only watch football. Seldom play. i have seen your country play very good football.
    Please go to bplans.com and download a software / sample / program.
    Start writing an executive summary for your project.
    You can then share your summary/ draft it with the club members and they will be able to help you fill in the numbers.
    Be prepared to make several iterations of your business plan.

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  • Jacintha wrote:
    Sat July 10 2010 05:52:00 AM

    Just having sunlight can mmake a business plan.

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  • Fri July 16 2010 07:54:49 PM

    According to Ms.Jacintha ,Sun light is the capital investment.It is good and wise ...

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