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Algae as Bio-accumulative Agents for Hazardous Pollutants 1

Recent studies show that using biological systems to remove trace hazardous pollutants from wastewater is a high-performing and low-cost method than other conventional treatment systems.This is because of the fact that the conventional treatment systems fail to treat the trace hazardous materials in wastewater. I came across an interesting article in which they tried to show the bio-accumulation potential of algae.

According to the study (M.A. Coogan and R.E.Edziyiea, 2007), algae have the potential to bio-accumulate the hazardous contaminants.The potential of algal bio-accumulation was tested by using three common antimicrobial agents(triclocarban, triclosan, and methyl-triclosan)in a wastewater treatment plant receiving stream in North Texas. The waste water comprised of filamentous algae, especially Cladophorea spp., and some diatoms.The study revealed that filamentous algal species typically occurring in waste water treatment plant has the bio-accumulative potential for these contaminants. This phenomenon is due to the lipid content of algae,which have the capacity to act as an entry point of lipophilic organic compounds.

There are many other research articles showcasing the potential of algae as bio-accumulative agents. Hence, it may be possible to use algal biofilm in wastewater treatment to remove hazardous organic chemicals, which cannot be treated by the conventional treatment plants.
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  • AlgaeNova wrote:
    Mon May 17 2010 10:14:00 AM

    Biosorption: a solution to pollution?
    Here are two articles , that if not known, might help:
    http://www.im.microbios.org/09march00/05 Veira.pdf

    The next one is in German language, bot the content of tables/charts are very rich and easy to understand when showing the capacity ov various alge-species in biosorption of metalls.
    Viele Gr??e, Andreas

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