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$ 2 m grant for Professor Phillip Savage !! Posted by Manohar on Sat May 01 2010 10:51:48 AM

That is a lot of money as a grant ! Isnt it !

Savage and his team, funded by a $2 million National Science Foundation grant, aren?t the only ones trying to make bio-petroleum.

Many of you are aware of the facts that
*Sapphire Energy says it could produce 1 billion gallons of algal fuel annually by 2025.

*Blue Marble Energy creates fuel using algae found in polluted waters. Chevron has joined San Francisco company Solazyme in developing algal jet fuel.

Algal fuel typically requires cultivating specific species of algae, drying it and extracting its oil. The method Savage and his colleagues are exploring uses less oily types of algae and eliminates the need to dry the algae. That simplifies the process and clears big hurdles to commercial scale production of algal fuels.

?We make an algae soup,? Savage said. ?We heat it to about 300 degrees and keep the water at high enough pressure to keep it liquid as opposed to steam. We cook it for 30 minutes to an hour and we get a crude bio-oil.?
Nore http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/04/university-of-michigan-bio-oil/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed: wired/index (Wired: Index 3 (Top Stories 2))&utm_content=Google International