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Prof S Elumalai of Presidency college get DRDO nod for algae biofuel research 29

Prof S. Elumalai has been a serious researcher on algae from bio fuel.
It is heartening to note that my city Chennai is now getting big time in the oil from algae map.

Prof S Elumalai went to Durban University in SA and signed a MOU  to firm up academic and scientific collaboration between the Presidency College, Durban University of Technology and Brazil.

Between April and June this young bright Ass Prof at Presidency college in the dept of Plant biology, was in Durban University as a visiting faculty. He is known for his insiteful research focus and keen interest in algae biofuel.

S.Elumalai of Presidency College has been
given theDRDO bio diesel project to extract oil from  algae found in ancient temple tanks of south india.
The idea is exciting. Chennai and Tamilnadu are known for temples.
To select strains from the temple tanks is a great idea.

DNA finger printing technology is to be used to identify the best algae strain for mass multiplication.
The forests in North east of India will also provide the strains of ancient algae.
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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri November 26 2010 04:53:46 AM

    The idea of searching for ancient algae is interesting. And indeed unique.

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  • Bkaran wrote:
    Fri November 26 2010 11:35:04 AM

    Though it is a part of work in discovering biofuel It shows and trying to proof that OLD IS GOLD,

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  • Shyam wrote:
    Fri November 26 2010 02:43:58 PM

    This is real good news and a logical step.

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