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Post as a blog than write to me ! 2

I keep getting mails or private messages requesting this or that, assuming that I am an expert.
Firstly, I am a beginner.

the question that I got a few days ago is like this

"Dear Manohar

This is XYZ a researcher from Biotechnology research center of ABCD. is possible for you consult me about photo bio reactor for microalgae? we have an old photobioreactor and a i really like start up this instrument. can you guide me?


Now, my suggestion to people are please post these doubts into the open in the blogs using " create blog"
You may get several people answering your queries and you also get a true expert giving you counsel on your
photo bioreactor.
Fri June 18 2010 03:41:21 AM by Manohar algae bioreactor 2218 views

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