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Boeing, China seal aviation biofuel initiative 1

Surprisingly the aviation industry has been lot more active in using algae based fuel than other industries, in my opinion.
Boeing and China sign up an agreement.

Industry analysts said renewal energy research in processed algae as fuel offered better prospects than other recent attempts at producing energy from feedstock. Critics have opposed overlap between agricultural and food crops and feedstock for producing fuel and questioned its long-term effects on human food supplies.

Air China, PetroChina, Boeing and Honeywell's UOP will conduct an inaugural flight using sustainable biofuel derived from biomass grown and processed in China. PetroChina will provide the biomass, which will be processed into jet fuel by UOP. The biofuel flight in China will highlight the viability of the entire supply chain -- from seed to flight.

"Boeing is actively pursuing biofuel research around the world," said Boeing China President David Wang. "Sustainable biofuels can help reduce carbon emissions while offering the potential to lessen aviation's dependence on fossil fuels.

More http://www.upi.com/Science_News/Resource-Wars/2010/05/27/Boeing-China-seal-aviation-biofuel-initiative/UPI-53431274979137/
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  • Shankar wrote:
    Wed June 16 2010 05:13:23 AM

    Atleast the aviation industry is trying seriously to correct the ecological damage done.

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