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Computer parents a " synthetic cell" - Craig Venter 3

There are more objections and criticisms to Dr Venter's claim to have made a " synthetic cell".

Dr. Venter calls the result a synthetic cell and is presenting the research as a landmark achievement that will open the way to creating useful microbes from scratch to make products like vaccines and biofuels.

At a press conference Thursday, Dr. Venter described the converted cell as the first self-replicating species weve had on the planet whose parent is a computer.

Friends of the Earth, an environmental group, denounced the synthetic genome as dangerous new technology,saying that Mr. Venter should stop all further research until sufficient regulations are in place.

Some other scientists said that aside from assembling a large piece of DNA, Dr. Venter has not broken new ground.

To my mind Craig has somewhat overplayed the importance of this, said David Baltimore, a geneticist at Caltech.

He described the result as a technical tour de force, a matter of scale rather than a scientific breakthrough.

He has not created life, only mimicked it, Dr. Baltimore said.

Dr. Venter's approach is not necessarily on the path to produce useful microorganisms, said George Church, a genome researcher at Harvard Medical School.

Leroy Hood, of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, described Dr. Venter's report as glitzy but said lower-level genes and networks had to be understood first before it would be worth trying to design whole organisms from scratch.
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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 25 2010 04:00:26 AM

    Although many veterans have tried to downplay this achievement, it is acclaimed as a new life form by Craig Venter by the Indian media.
    The Indian Television media even highlighted the fact that 3 out of the 24 member team that contributed to the New Life form, were Indians.
    Kudos ! Craig Venter !

    We hope to soon see you making the aleady rich Exxon MObile even more richer with the new omnipotent, gene modified, strain of algae !

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