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First make a viable algae strain. Viability is out there ! 3

Some critics of algae suppose that if algal fuels cannot completely displace all fossil fuels by next week, that algae is worthless.

But no one expects algal bio-oils to become competitive with fossil fuels for another ten years. Algal biomass-to-fuels may become competitive a bit sooner.

Some microbial fuels besides micro-algae may actually become competitive within 5 years, but it is difficult to beat algae in terms of rapid growth under the right conditions.

As the bioplastics industry surges, a search for alternative feedstocks led Cereplast CEO Frederic Scheer and his colleagues to algae, which he says is close enough to the starches the company already turns into plastics?like corn, wheat and tapioca?to go commercial after just 18 months of R&D.
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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Fri May 14 2010 07:39:42 PM

    Sounds Great but which type algae. Micro,String or Macro

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  • Sun May 16 2010 08:02:22 AM

    There is no option, fossil fuels will run out. Optimists will expediate the solution(causing less hunger and war) pessimists wil slow it down.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 12:11:20 PM

    Exactly Larsyn ! There are so many varieties of rice.
    100s or may be even 1000s of years ago, man woould have had a tougher time, finding out the best variety of rice for his land/ his area/ his region etc.,
    Whats more ! he would have struggled even more to find out the nutrients, then source of water etc.,
    Today we have the computer to sort out many of our problems.
    There are only 30,000 strains and we should be gung ho with the comps. we can soon find the right way to proceed with algae growth !

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