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Biocentric's commercial PBR !! 1

SANTA ANA, CA, Apr 21, 2010 -- BioCentric Energy Holdings Inc. today announced the commercialization of its closed-loop PhotoBioreactor system confirming the company has successfully completed due diligence and the qualification process for several clients desiring to deploy algae farms for the mass production and subsequent commercialization of algae products for Omega-3 (EPA) oil. The clients and the Company have identified and secured several acres on prime property in Southern California that will house five (5) BioCentric Energy's closed-loop photobioreactor (PBR) modules. These same sites hold potential for expansion OF additional acres of PBR modules.

Each closed-loop module is designed to encompass one acre of land. By strategically positioning five modules on the property they will have the economic advantage of sharing the Siemens PLC system as well as the harvesting, dewatering and sharing extraction equipment.

During the initial site assessment on the Southern California properties, the Company identified the water and carbon sources (and the quality thereof), along with the temperature range and climate, the soil characteristics and the physical topography of the land. This was the first step in determining if the land would be suitable for the algae farm. The next step for BioCentric Energy is to finalize the choice of the robust algae strain (Omega-3 EPA) that will grow quickly within the confines of the targeted location. BioCentric Energy's goal is to begin immediately with the grading and civil engineering of the land and subsequently install the integrated closed-loop PBR system by early summer 2010. Once the PBR system is installed, optimized and sterilized, the inoculation of the algae into the system will begin.

The Company is now in the process of qualifying several other clients all interested in purchasing closed-loop PBR systems, and using them to manufacture Omega-3 oils and algal biomass to supply our customers and fill BioCentric Energy's existing, and anticipated purchase orders. These clients are pursuing other locations in California, North America and overseas.

BioCentric Energy's CEO Dr. Brian Goodall stated today, "Breaking ground on our first commercial unit is clearly a very important milestone for the Company, and an event that demonstrates the enormous strides that the Company and our technology has made in recent months. I am also inspired by the number of clients interested in working with us to exploit the enormous potential of the market niches that we have identified and developed. It is particularly rewarding to learn that our technology uniquely fills a void in the marketplace both in terms of our high-value products, their scale and renewable nature as well our ability to complement and symbiotically enhance other green endeavors. Some of these aspects will be the subject of upcoming announcements."

View this release in video format: http://www.vodnewswire.com/vodnewswire/news/biocentric-energy-20100421/

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