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Cost of land Vs algae in India 8

One of the key factors to be taken into account is the cost of land while growing algae or cost of ponds etc.,

The cost of land in India is more than the cost of land in USA or Europe.

Many real estate companies are ready to buy agricultural land and convert them into houses. It may not be legal.
So was construction of houses with more than 1.5 FSI.
The realtors just built more than 1.5 and got it sanctioned later from the corrupt authorities.

Land and consequently the water bodies which are with the Gov are expensive relatively.

Municipal sewage, sceptic tanks are available in plenty ie in both urban and rural areas. if we can have India specifir solution for growing algae, it will be great.

In algae to oil, one of the major problem is
consistent growth of algae. Ie the perfect strain and the methodology to grow it without contamination, regularly.
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  • Rzbhatti wrote:
    Fri April 30 2010 09:17:06 PM

    In my opinion Algal projects should not in developed on the prime agricultural or potential residential lands. I am sure that there are acreages of wast land all over which would be extremely cheap for there sort of ventures. I would start with a all solar mobile house, simple tube-well and fish ponds to make it self sustainable project.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat May 01 2010 10:19:09 AM

    Thanks RZbhatti for the comment.
    I fully agree that if we grow algae in agriculutral lands, we will get back to the Food vs Fuel debate, all over again.
    The crux of what i want to say is that in India the cost of land is more and the cost of manpower is less as compared to developed countries like UK and USA. Hope you agree with me.
    Regarding the right land for algae, we need to look at semi arable or non arable with some water availability - right ?

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  • Pami wrote:
    Sat May 01 2010 12:35:23 PM

    well strains which grow in salt water cn be of real profit i guess..
    i woulds like to ask you if u have designed any reactor which can be stationed near a beach!!
    Wide streches of beach near small villages all along the coastline can be a great site to grow some saline algae..using the sea water would be the most economical way !
    But you know the design should be perfect to resist heavy winds..

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  • Sun May 02 2010 09:27:03 AM

    Urban agriculture is the answer. Please view our website; www.algalsolution.com

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