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Origin Oil - BIG - Focus on Extraction

The developer of technology that turns algae in to renewable fuel is going down under to do some long-term testing of its process.OriginOil recently announced the successful completion of the first phase of its commercial pilot program with Australian company, MBD Energy, OriginOil’s first customer and pilot partner.

Eckelberry,  the CEO of Origin Oil says that his company’s bread and butter is focusing on extracting all that water from the algae and then extracting the oil by a process that he describes as “shocking” the algae. This testing should take several years with Eckelberry hoping at the end of the day, his technology will prove successful.

The company will help build a new Advanced Algae Center with Sustainable Resources, Incorporated on the site of the original Aquatic Species Program in Roswell, New Mexico, scheduled to start sometime next year

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NSMU toTransform Bubbling Pools of Algae to Fuel

New Mexico State University (NMSU) is currently cultivating the
algae in two 1,000-liter raceway ponds at the Fabian Garcia Science
Center. Construction on another two
1,000-liter raceway ponds, as well as a 4,000-liter photobioreactor,
which controls the conditions for algae growth, will be completed by
April 2011.
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Massive algae-powered airship moves to NASA?s Ames Research Center

In California, NASA has entered into a three year lease agreement with E
Green Technologies to to bring the world’s largest airship to NASA
Research Park at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field.

The massive 235-foot long/65-foot diameter lighter-than-air vehicle is designed to fly on algae-based bio-fuel at speeds up to 74 mph, at altitudes up to 20,000 feet

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Chilean Company to Invest in Algae Fuels

Algae Fuels, a corporate technology group in Chile, has created a biodiesel from microalgae in the Mejillones’ Pilot plant. This pioneering initiative was aimed at obtaining energy based on renewable and domestic sources, at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

InnovaChile, one of their financial supporter has invested CLP 3.245million, which is equivalent to USD 6.7 million for the project, out of the total requirement of CLP 6.836 million .

The pilot plant will grow algae for five years and an assessment would be carried out to determine if the project is both cost-effective and productive. The need was to produce algae with high lipid levels, which could be converted into biodiesel.

According to Arturo Natho, Algae Fuels’ President, the two important aspects of the project were the industrial scale development of microalgal cultures; and also the efficient and cost-effective way of obtaining the biodiesel and its by-products. The company’s perception is that the optimal climatic conditions for the growth of microalgae are available and hence the project was bound to be successful.

The first phase comprises of exploring, isolating, purifying and selecting microalgae strains. First the algae would be gathered from the Sea, and then it would be studied in Santiago, to distinguish the most suitable and appropriate strains and then grown in domestic climatic conditions. After which the plants are shifted to the field laboratory in Mejillones where photosynthesis is accelerated due to the CO2 present in the chimney of the power generating plant.

The last stage would be subjecting the species to various chemical processes and then centrifuging it to get algal biomass. Finally it is dried in a special kiln and processed chemically. Then the biofuel can be utilized.
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Aerators for algae cultivation : Characteristics

I read two very important blogs in oilgae site.They are about Aerators.One is about Characteristics of major Aerators.The article concludes as "The aeration rate must be carefully balanced to achieve good mixing, liquid circulation and mass transfer while avoiding shear stress to the algal cells grown in a photobioreactor. Aeration must ensure the oxygen generated by photo-synthesis is removed; otherwise, it can inhibit cell growth. Thus, the above details about the design and operation of aerator systems stress the crucial role of aeration in algal cultivation using photobioreactor. "The url for that article is http://www.oilgae.com/blog/2010/09/characteristics-of-major-aerators.html
The second article is about What is aeration in a Photobioreactor
Aeration of cultures serves to keep algae in suspension, to supply the carbon needed for plant growth and pH control, and to strip O2 from the culture media, preventing supersaturation.The url ishttp://www.oilgae.com/blog/2010/09/aeration-in-a-photobioreactor.html
May be you would like to read the second one first and vice versa.
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