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Ldvitug's Notes

Hi Oilgae members Happy Holiday !!! - 11 years ago

Can somebody help me about a diatiom or green algae that can help prevent dengue it's bioactive? - 11 years ago

Can u help me regarding my hypothesis: That b.braunni have higher growth rate than f.brevistriata and f. brevistriata will yield higher amount of lipids than b.braunii. Any insights ? - 11 years ago

Which is a much better strategy for culturing microalgae to produce lipids and maximizing growth: Genetic manipulation or Culturing it the natural way (Photobioreactors, Culture Media) Any insights - 11 years ago

It time for the Philippines to commit iself to going in to Microlgae Algae as a source of biofuel as it is getting left behind with other countries. - 11 years ago