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Optimizing the potential of microalgae as a source of biofuel 18

I am currently doing my ongoing research on the potential of b.braunii and f.brevistriata as a source of biofuel. Optimization the physiological aspects of microalgae such as light, temperature, pH, nutrients (nitrogen and silicon concentration), carbon sources (heterotrophic, autotrophic and mixotrophic) as culture conditions.
By studying this physiological aspect we can determine which optimum culture conditions can be established can microalgae sustained their growth and lipid at various cultivation conditions. After achieving this process we may used these info in the industry as a standards in culturing microalgae for commercialization and maybe viable for mass culture. 
This can also answer the which strain can produce the optimum growth and lipid production a green algae or diatom as there are many debates regarding these aspect of microalgal research. This the first time to study regarding optimization of microalgae with regards to culture conditions simultaneously. This study can bring us insights on the potential of these aquatic microbes that can become a source of biofuel.
Most research concentrate on lipid content but I think we should be more focused on the lipid production as this aspect controls production of lipids in microalgae . Most research in the physiological aspects of microalgae cultivation were never optimized in for both lipid content and lipid production and maybe this a problem that needs to be prioritized.They are only concentrating on some conditions where microalage can grow rapidly.
The culture conditions are important factors as these determines to which suitable environment can microalgae can grow. As these should be a major priority of researchers in the field. This will also bridge the gap to which culture conditions can microalgae grow and produce the more lipids and become a potential source of biofuel. 
It time that there should a standard to follow in obtaining maximum growth and lipid yields and maybe this study will just do that.
Pls give your comments and suggestions.

Tue December 14 2010 01:52:45 PM by Ldvitug 2582 views

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  • Lucygreen wrote:
    Tue December 14 2010 02:50:17 PM

    Good luck to you!
     By the way what type of strain is this  f.brevistriata... How much lipid can this strain produce?

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  • Anna wrote:
    Tue December 14 2010 02:59:26 PM

    Ya.. I think Botyrococcus braunii is a good strain to research on except the fact that it can thrive well only in fresh-water..

    Can you explain a bit more on what exactly you mean by " but I think we should be more focused on the lipid production as this aspect controls production of lipids in microalgae ."

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  • Ldvitug wrote:
    Tue December 14 2010 04:15:54 PM

    f.brevistriata is a diatom found in freshwater and can grow fast with 1 week unlike b.braunii. I think the only problem with this strain is that it has only 25 percent of lipid yield but maybe we can optimize this by subjecting it to diffrent culture conditions. 
    Lipid production plays a critical factor in evaluation these strains since we are aiming for mass producing microalgae for biofuel production  Lipid production is crucial because this will be an indicator of oil produced on a basis of both volume and time of cultures. While lipid content is just the amount of what microalgae contain inside the energy reserves. So I think we should optimize how much lipid these strains can produce and put more emphasize on that.
    This my is just an initial report there will be more updates coming. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it very much.

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  • Wed December 15 2010 08:14:08 AM


    Freshwater ! isnt it a big no no in the current environment where the whole world is concerned about Food vs Fuel ? 

    If Botyrococcus braunii can grow in only fresh water, what do we do?

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  • Ldvitug wrote:
    Thu December 16 2010 10:05:37 AM


    My strains are fresh water but im not cultivating them in a pond. I'm cultivating them in a lab via semi large scale with media similar to freshwater. I know that there are debates concerning Food vs Fuel. But I think these strains are suitable for biofuel production. We can create artificial freshwater system and  grow these strains.

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  • Ldvitug wrote:
    Tue December 21 2010 12:05:14 PM

    Hi Mohamed
    Tnx for your comment. Kindly give your e-mail and glad to chat with you regarding my research since were working on same research topic. 

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