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Algae power reaches for the sky - Is it possible ???

Air travel could be powered from vast seas of algae growing close to airports within four years, according to researchers and airlines hoping to find a green future for aviation.
Tue December 21 2010 07:59:36 PM by Ldvitug

Optimizing the potential of microalgae as a source of biofuel

I am currently doing my ongoing research on the potential of b.braunii and f.brevistriata as a source of biofuel. Optimization the physiological aspects of microalgae such as light, temperature, pH, nutrients (nitrogen and silicon concentration), carbon sources (heterotrophic, autotrophic and mixotrophic) as culture conditions.
By studying this physiological aspect we can determine which optimum culture conditions can be established can microalgae sustained their growth and lipid at various cultivation conditions. After achieving this process we may used these info in the industry as a standards in culturing microalgae for commercialization and maybe viable for mass culture. 
This can also answer the which strain can produce the optimum growth and lipid production a green algae or diatom as there are many debates regarding these aspect of microalgal research. This the first time to study regarding optimization of microalgae with regards to culture conditions simultaneously. This study can bring us insights on the potential of these aquatic microbes that can become a source of biofuel.
Most research concentrate on lipid content but I think we should be more focused on the lipid production as this aspect controls production of lipids in microalgae . Most research in the physiological aspects of microalgae cultivation were never optimized in for both lipid content and lipid production and maybe this a problem that needs to be prioritized.They are only concentrating on some conditions where microalage can grow rapidly.
The culture conditions are important factors as these determines to which suitable environment can microalgae can grow. As these should be a major priority of researchers in the field. This will also bridge the gap to which culture conditions can microalgae grow and produce the more lipids and become a potential source of biofuel. 
It time that there should a standard to follow in obtaining maximum growth and lipid yields and maybe this study will just do that.
Pls give your comments and suggestions.

Tue December 14 2010 01:52:45 PM by Ldvitug 18

Standards on culturing microalge via GM or Natural ways

Are there any standards we should follow when it comes to culturing microalgae to have a maximum growth and lipid as a source of biofuels ? When it comes to culturing GMO (Transgenic microalgae) Do we have to follow standards ? Pls state your opinion 
Tue December 07 2010 05:46:23 PM by Ldvitug 2

Microalgae can prevent Dengue

Can somebody help me about a diatiom or green algae that can help prevent dengue it's bioactive ?
Comment on the link below 
Mon November 29 2010 04:15:31 AM by Ldvitug

Hpothesis: Green Algae or Diatom Which has a better growth rate and Lipid Yield

Can u help me regarding my hypothesis: That b.braunni have higher growth rate than f.brevistriata and f. brevistriata will yield higher amount of lipids than b.braunii. Any insights ? 
Mon November 29 2010 04:12:52 AM by Ldvitug

Genetic Manipulation or Natural Way of Culturing Microalgae

Which is a much better strategy for culturing microalgae to produce lipids and maximizing growth: Genetic manipulation or Culturing it the natural way (Photobioreactors, Culture Media) Any insights
Pls give any suggestions or views about this topic
Mon November 29 2010 04:10:07 AM by Ldvitug 3

University of Cambridge research on Microalage as a pontential source of renewable source
of energy

Sat November 27 2010 12:01:29 PM by Ldvitug 2