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Power plant wet algae oil separation by heat. 25

I would suggest that researchers look into a power plant that would use wet green algae as the liquid being heated to produce steam. The algae oils could be separated out by gravity into a collection tank, at the appropriate point, as the water in the algae medium turns to steam.

The steam could turn a turbine to produce electricity and the de-watered algae oil could be drawn off from the collection tank and processed.

By growing the algae in large agricultural silage bags, the power plant flue gasses could be utilized to feed the algae. In northern climates, the temperature of the flue gasses could be regulated to keep the algae from freezing in the winter.  

The flue gasses bubbling up from tubes under the algae could also serve to stir the algae and expose more algae to growing surface to light.

Harvesting could be accomplished by rolling the silage tubes up, and catching the wet algae in large mesh tanks.


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