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Dewatering, drying and extraction - a new Patent !! Posted by Krupali on Fri July 09 2010 10:47:08 PM 4

Currently, most of the proposed methods in the biofuels-from-algae space require the extraction of immobilized oil from algal biomass.

However, regardless of the oil extraction technique used, and some are more efficient than others, getting to the oil is usually very expensive in terms of capital and energy costs.

In some instances, the amount of energy consumed to extract the oil can actually exceed the energy value of the end product.

Uniteltech's new patented processm as per them involves minimal dewatering, and completely bypasses the energy intensive drying and oil extraction steps.

Can someone give me the url of their patent or more idea of the patent. I am excited.
I couldnt get much from their site.
More http://www.financialpost.com/markets/news/Biojet Fuel from Algae Unitel Technology Overcomes Major Problem Facing Algal Biofuels Industry/3257293/story.html