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Indian Seaweed gains Recognition

A process breakthrough of extracting world-class Agarose a gelatinous substance from Gracilaria dura, a seaweed mostly found on Gujarat coast has burst the global myth that Indian seaweeds are poor in quality and productivity. And, yet again it is the scientists at central salt and marine chemicals research
The quality was found to be at par with agarose available in the market and it would be cheaper once the cultivation is scaled up. The other applications of agarose are in the field of molecular biology, electrophoresis, cell culture works in R&D labs, pharma and biotech industries world institute (CSMCRI) here who have achieved the feat. over,
The patent on the process breakthrough has been filed in India. Moreover, efforts are underway to cultivate this algae in fields using raft method.
Wed August 11 2010 08:23:17 AM by Krupali algae  |  seaweed  |  India 1890 views
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