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Digital Imaging aids Research 1

I know how important technical advancements aid research.The improved imaging by Fluid Imaging will enable critical study of algae.

Fluid Imaging is providing a FlowCAM? imaging particle analysis instrument to the Lone Star Biotechnology Institute, part of the Lone Star Community College in Texas, on the college?s algae-to-biofuel research program which will permit them to accurately monitor algae growth in a bioreactor.

The FlowCAM takes hundreds of high-resolution, digital images of individual algae cells in a discrete sample or a continuous flow in seconds, providing data on up to 30 parameters, including count, size, shape, concentration and lipid content. All images and data are then saved for further analysis using proprietary image management software.

According to Fluid Imaging?s CEO, Kent Peterson, the FlowCAM was introduced to the emerging algae-to-biofuel market about two years ago, and has been used for algae photo-bioreactor and open pond performance analysis at other organizations.
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  • Emily wrote:
    Wed July 21 2010 12:46:27 PM

    I was thinking of doing some work on softwares in renewable energy scenario. Look at this software which enables people to study high resolution digital images with over 30 parameters. Amazing !

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