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harvesting!!! 4

Am doing good with cultivation(spirulina)- want to have an automated harvesting-dehydrating process/unit.

Awaiting suggestions!

thanks & regards,
Fri July 16 2010 07:31:18 AM by Karthik310 1630 views

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  • Virginie wrote:
    Sun July 18 2010 11:51:51 PM

    What is your automated harvesting dehydrating process ? Do you used flocculant ? If yes witch ?
    See you,

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  • Karthik310 wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 04:22:16 AM


    i said, i want to do the harvesting.. till now been doing it manually. looking for some ideas to make it a automated process through which we can harvest and at the same time dehydrate it. thinking about an continous flow centrifuge.

    if you have any ideas, do let me know...

    best regards,

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  • MattS wrote:
    Thu September 02 2010 11:17:36 AM

    We have four different designs of micro algae continuous, size selective microalgae harvester under patent pending. There will never be a small scale model. Well maybe we could. All it takes is money. Besides ours a few groups have come up with designs that don't work well for this or that reason. I working as fast as I can.



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  • Karthik310 wrote:
    Fri September 10 2010 05:27:20 AM

    hi mattS,

    thank you for the information!

    is it possible for you to give details about your organisation..

    My present work is on cultivation of algae on secondarily treated sewage, harvesting biomass & extraction of oil...

    a good harvesting & extraction procedure/instrument(pricing) would help me complete my presentation & carry forward my actual work...

    want to go beyond ppt..


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