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Study Says Algae Biofuel Has Dirty Life Cycle 10

Algae has seemed like a great biofuel candidate because it's extremely efficient at creating energy from sunlight and it could potentially form closed loops for power plants - absorbing exhaust while creating new fuel - but a recent study has knocked algae off its pedestal.

University of Virginia researchers have found that the life cycle of algal biofuel produces high levels of greenhouse gas emissions -- much more than it sequesters.

The culprit is the large amount of fertilizer used to produce the algae. The fertilizers come from petroleum-bases sources and emit nitrous oxide. The researchers propose using fertilizer from sewage plants as a way around the problem.

It looks like we are still far away from an ideal biofuel, if there is one.
Fri May 28 2010 06:40:14 AM by Karthi 2211 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri May 28 2010 12:18:46 PM

    Very relevant article Karthi ! Can u tell me how much nutrients are required for a kg of algae ?
    YOu can decide the species and revert.

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  • Aathmika wrote:
    Fri October 01 2010 02:07:52 PM

    Interesting.Good sewage plants addresses this problem.

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Fri October 01 2010 02:25:45 PM

    Algae provides a service before biofuel. Algae grown in sewage can it be used for pharmicuticles,nutricuticles?

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Sat October 02 2010 11:12:40 AM

    Yes. We seem pretty far away from an ideal oil or for that matter an ideal alternative renewable energy.

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