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Take the Algae Fuel Challenge 4

Dear All,


Some of us are war torn veterans in the field of algae fuels and many of us are young turks with fancy degrees from ivy league schools having published several papers and even owning some patents. We know the value of cracking the algae fuel challenges. We have tried in the past as an individual with some success but no great breakthroughs. We all know algae can save the world.

Take the algae fuel challenge” is an effort from Oilgae to bring about experts in  each of these challenge areas ( given below) together. Oilgae will create an ambience to enable them to discuss, debate and crack the challenges to make algae fuels a reality.

We invite you to use the section pertinent to your area of expertise and lets get cracking the algae fuel challenge.

Take the Algae Fuel Challenge NOW!


Building Low Cost Photobioreactors
Devising Sustainable Mechanisms for Algae-based CO2 Capture
Reducing the Cost and Energy Consumption for Algae Harvesting
Using Algal Genetics Effectively to Make Algae Fuels A Reality
Decreasing Contamination and Increasing Algae Yields in Raceway Ponds
Large-scale Cultivation of Microalgae in Diverse Wastewater
Making Algae Fuels Sustainable through the Use of Co-products and By-products
Increasing the Yield of Macroalgae for Biofuels
Devising Cost Effective Drying for Microalgae
Identifying Optimal Micro and Macro Algae Strains for Biofuel Production
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