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Online Cleantech Networking Community - CleanTick 29

CleanTick aspires to be a catalyst for cleantech worldwide. You might ask “How?”

The platform provides some useful features for the key cleantech change agents – such as researchers and scientists, industry professionals, investors and evangelists/enthusiasts.

For instance,

The Projects section enables those involved in cleantech projects rto showcase their work and get appreciation and help.

The Q&A section gets answers to critical cleantech questions from experts worldwide.

The Profile section allows you to project your green credentials to the world.

CleantTick 360 provides the latest updates, videos and events for all the major cleantech domains. Other sections such as Pages, Places etc enable specific activities by users.

Sections at CleanTick cover key cleantech domains such as renewable energy and renewable fuels, energy efficiency, water, ecology and biodiversity, sustainable materials, cleantech enablers such as biotechnology and more.

All the sections and tools together make CleanTick a great place for those who wish to be an active part of the global cleantech movement. If you are related to clean technology in any form, CleanTick is a community you must belong to.


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