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Algae That Can Thrive in Fresh-Water and Salt-Water 59

A team of biologists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium research institute have deciphered an algae which is said to have the capacity to thrive in fresh water as well as marine water. These newly discovered microbes are termed as “rappemonads” and they may be distributed world wide.

While performing phottosynthesis, like other algae, these  rappemonads release oxygen. The researchers of Monterey Bay set to research on this after they came across a scientific paper published by a group of scientists who reported finding  a strange piece of DNA in a water sample from the Atlantic Ocean near North Carolina, one that didn’t belong to any known organisms.

This remained untouched for about 10 years, until the researchers of Monterey Bay decided to look for the organisms that made the DNA. With the assistance of an international team of scientists, corresponding DNA in water sample from the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and lakes in the United Kingdom, suggesting that the organisms live in many different place. After examining the physical features of the organisms, the researchers realized that these organisms had the capability to perform photosynthesis.

The researchers have planned to now proceed with this to determine if photosynthesis is the sole means of getting energy for these microorganisms, or whether they also get energy from eating food.

Source: http://www.thecalifornian.com/article/20110122/NEWS01/101220317

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