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How would you detect lipids with GC? 8

Which FAME standards and internal standards would be best for calibration? It's my understanding that I would run different concentrations of FAME standards + 2 internal standards with GC. Then I can correlate the area under the chromatograph with concentration in a calibration curve. For each sample I run after, I spike it with the internal standards at a known concentration. Is this correct?
Fri December 03 2010 01:03:39 AM by Green123 3861 views

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Fri December 03 2010 04:11:17 PM

    For calibration of GC: When you have FAME standard mixture for example from sigma-aldrich, The weight percentage of each component is indicated. Each ampule contains 10 mg/mL of the FAME reference standard mix in methylene chloride (LINK). You have to run GC injecting that FAME mixture. From the resulting chromatogram you can detect the retention time of each fatty acid and compare the percent of each one with that of Sigma.

    To detect the concentration of new samples: you have to add internal standard   (ex. 17:0 or 19:0...) in a certain weight (ex. 8 Microgram). It is important to be sure that your sample doesn't contain this standard. From the peak area of fatty acids, you can calculate the weight of each one comparing with the standard's peak area.

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